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Snowmobiles can be great fun, especially for those who have access to wide-open areas covered in powdery snow. But they can also be hazardous to operate, and accidents and damages are not uncommon. This is where snowmobile insurance comes into play.

Many people may not know it but under most types of homeowner's insurance, as well as automobile insurance, the family snowmobile is not included in that protection. This can leave the owner and operator of the snowmobile liable for any damages or injuries he or she may cause while riding the vehicle.

This exposure to liability can be extremely costly if someone is hurt or killed as a result of your actions. You could be sued in court and have all of your assets taken away from you in order to pay for those injuries or damages.

When it comes to snowmobile insurance you have plenty of options. Many of the coverage types will already be familiar to you through your auto insurance. Here are basic coverages you may wish to consider for your snowmobile:

Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability

This is one of the most important types of insurance to have at all times. Your property damage and bodily injury coverage protects your assets should someone be injured or killed because of your actions. It also covers various forms of property damage.

In some states, a state-mandated minimum amount of coverage is required before you can register your snowmobile. You should always buy a policy that meets or exceeds these state-required levels.

Collision and Comprehensive Snowmobile Insurance

Collision and comprehensive insurance is used to pay for damages that may occur to your snowmobile. If the damages are severe, the coverage may pay for a new vehicle. This coverage also includes, normally, protection from other issues such theft, fires, vandalism, etc.

Collision and comprehensive can be purchased together as a package or each type of coverage can be purchased separately. In both cases, you normally pay a deductible upon filing your claim and the insurance company picks up the rest of the cost.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

If your snowmobile is damaged by someone who does not have insurance this type of coverage will help pay the costs of fixing the vehicle. In many cases, this coverage will also help to pay medical costs should you be injured, as well as help to recover any lost wages if you are not able to work. However, this injury coverage is not automatic; you should ask for it if you wish it.

Underinsured Motorist Insurance

This is often included in the above insurance package, but if it is not, you can request that it be provided as a rider. Underinsured insurance comes into play when the person who caused the incident does not have enough coverage to pay for all of your damages and injuries.

Snowmobile Passenger Insurance

It is very important that your passengers be protected as well. You can do this by purchasing passenger insurance for your snowmobile. This type of insurance coverage allows your passenger to be protected should he or she be injured in an accident.

Even though snowmobile insurance is important, it is also very affordable and can be used to protect yourself, your assets, your passengers, and your snowmobile!


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