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Business Insurance

Shopping for business insurance can involve a lengthy quotation process, because getting the right coverage means you are protected from certain types of events that would otherwise jeopardize your business. Select one of the industries below to review those coverages that are normally associated with its respective operations.

Coverage for Licensed Professionals, Businesses, Commercial Property

"Are you an Independent Contractor, Self-Employed, or a Professionally Licensed Individual?  Do you own or manage a Limited Partnership (LLC), S-Corporation (S-CORP), or other Business Entity?"

Business Insurance is a catch-all phrase for a vast number of different insurance coverages. There are many more types of business insurance than there are types of personal insurance. Accordingly, your knowledge of your own personal insurance will only partially help you in selecting commercial insurance. If you don’t have previous experience with commercial insurance, you may want to consult with a licensed insurance agent; there are often a variety of products to choose from. E-Insure showcases a variety of business coverages thereby allowing you to select different types of protection to cover most situations.

Be sure to click on the industry below that provides the best description of your operations, and proceed to build a suite of commercial insurance coverages, that will ensure your business is properly protected.