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What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance generally covers accidents and illnesses to your dog or cat. In most cases hereditary issues and pre-existing conditions are not covered, however certain policies can be purchased that cover specific hereditary problems. Some plans are like traditional health policies because they allow you to pick the veterinarian. This also means that pet policies include fine print very similar to a human health insurance policy. The fine print can include levels of coverage, waiting periods, per year and sickness specifications, deductibles, and excluded items. Before purchasing the policy it would be beneficial to consult with your veterinarian regarding your insurance for your dog or cat. Here is a general list of what is usually covered under pet insurance:

*Each company and policy offers different options so make sure to check your policy to get a better understanding of what is covered. This is only a general list used to reference what MAY be covered under the insurance policy for your pet.


Pet Insurance Coverage

  • Emergency Visits
  • Surgery
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Veterinary Clinic Visits
  • Injections for Medications
  • X-Rays
  • Lab Testing
  • Select Medications

Pet insurance plans are designed to reimburse the policy owner in the event that an incident is to happen to the pet. If you are unsure as to what is covered under your pet insurance policy, check with your pet insurance provider. Make sure to compare pet insurance providors for the best possible coverage and price.

Which Pet Insurance Policy Should I Get?

Each policy differs depending on the company or the type of insurance you are looking for. Most pet insurance companies offer insurance for dogs and cats. Pet insurance companies might offer several options including pet insurance and wellness plans. Each company has a different wellness plan but these plans usually cover events that are planned ahead of time.  Wellness plans can contain annual check-ups, vaccines, and blood-work. Most Pet Insurance policies are used to cover events that are unplanned. These unplanned occurrences are harder to define because of the nature of the incident.


Why Pet Insurance?

For the same reason you might take out a policy out on a loved one. Pets can become part of the family and in dire situations keeping a pet alive might be more important than that new car. There are websites and help groups like to help people grieve from the loss of a pet. Pet insurance was developed to alleviate the financial burden of large veterinarian bills. Instead of large vet bills there are monthly pet insurance premiums that allow fiscal relief to those who cannot afford to pay thousands in vet payments.



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