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Landlord Insurance is a form of property insurance that protects the investment of those who rent residential property to tenants. It protects against many common forms of damage to the landlord’s property, such as fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, broken water pipes, leakage, impact from vehicles and aircraft, snow, hail, and wind.

Most policies cover the landlord’s building along with any fixtures and furnishings (owned by the landlord) in the rental units.

What Landlord Insurance Is Not

It is very important to understand that Landlord Insurance does not cover the personal belongings of tenants. They need to purchase Renter’s Insurance to cover their personal property (e.g. clothing, furniture, electronics, jewelry, etc.).

Landlord Insurance is not the same as Homeowner’s Insurance. It only covers rental properties, and only on behalf of the owner.

Finally, Landlord Insurance is for residential units only, not for those who lease space to businesses. Business landlords need Commercial Property Insurance.

Who Needs Landlord Insurance?

Landlord insurance is for those who lease one or more flats, rooms, condominiums, or apartments to renters or tenants. It covers single family homes where only one room is rented out, as well as entire apartment buildings and anything in between.

Things To Think About

If you’re in the market for Landlord Insurance, you might want to consider a policy that includes coverage for business interruption and personal liability. This will help protect against renters who don’t pay on time, who stay longer than they’re supposed to, and who injure themselves somewhere in your building.

Many Landlord Insurance policies do not protect against floods and earthquakes. If you’re in a high-risk area, you may be able to purchase additional coverage for these events. Also, if you’re in an area at risk for hurricanes, wind damage may not be covered in the basic policy.

Premiums may be higher if you rent to students, allow pets, or have unemployed tenants.

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